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  1. Ansley in a giant magnolia tree
  2. Hangry, pouting, yet still adorable Finn
  3. Wyatt posing in a magnolia

Here are some more pics of my children from the 52 project.


It’s only April and this little project is proving to be quite challenging! For one…my kids are just sortaView full post »


Ansley snuggled up with Eragon. Finn the Enderman. Wyatt’s shower time. Here’s some more images from theView full post »


The kids went to a birthday party where they all made tie dye shirts. Super fun. Ansley through the trees. Finn beingView full post »


Happy Earth Day!! I’ve always wanted to plant something in honor of this day, but I never have. So yesterday I went to our local nursery and bought some plants and supplies to do just that! Our yard really needs a little sprucing up, but for this I decided to pick a small spot and focus on that. Like…around our little free library!

Here it is before…totally drab.


And here is after. What a coincidence that I blogged about our library almost exactly one year ago to the day when our azaleas where also in bloom. We need to work on establishing grass in this area as you can see. It’s been difficult because we have a HUGE oak tree which sucks all the nutrients and moisture out of the ground. It stays pretty patchy like that. Any grass experts want to give us some advice??!


The green vine stuff is called Creepy Jenny, and it’s one of my favorite plants ever. I’ve used it in container gardens and as ground cover before. It really is cool how it creeps along, and it will eventually fill in the space between these rocks just perfectly. The coolest part? It’s a perennial, and will come back each year again and again. Another thing, Creeping Jenny turns yellower with more sun exposure it has or more green with shade. It won’t tolerate complete shade though, so it needs at least a couple hours of good sun per day.


This plant is called Columbine. I’ve planted one of these before in our front yard. It’s also a perennial and has sweet, delicate flowers that bloom in spring and early summer.


And here’s a few pics of Gylfie enjoying the new garden.


So happy to work in the dirt. I’m really excited about a coulple other yard projects I have planned – two container gardens and one herb bed.

P.S. I get to cross this little project off my 101 in 1001 list! Here are some other completed items from the list if you’d like to check them out.


I want to introduce you to the art of Eszter Sziksz, a dear friend of mine! Not only do our kids play together on aView full post »

101 in 1001 REVISED (again)

So, I’m still plugging away at my list. There’s actually about 7 things that I’ve completed that IView full post »


So, you know how I’m turning our full dining room into an workspace/family chill spot? No? Read this and this.View full post »

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So so so excited to announce my partnership with Madewell 1937!! Listen y’all, I’m no fashionista. I rarely dress up and like to be comfy almost all the time (I do like to to get all dolled up and fancy every once in a while though..I’m not completely boring). But for everyday? Yea. I’m in comfy jeans, mocs, t-shirts, yoga pants, big loose sweaters, etc. However, Madewell has pieces that I could wear every single day. They’re simple, casual, comfy, and just so quality.

I’m incredibly honored that this cool company wanted to work with me! I love that they’re committed to partnering with local artists! They call them their “hometown heroes”. So I guess, for Memphis, I’m one of them! So fun.

I’ll be hosting their one year anniversary event this Wednesday from 5-8pm! You’ll receive 20% off your purchase of $125 or more as well! The address is 7615 W. Farmington Blvd Germantown TN 38138. There will be champagne, a dj, and I’ll have a special rack with specific pieces I especially love. I want to meet you all – so come on!

I’m wearing: Cambray ex-boyfriend shirt, linen heathered bikelane tee, high riser skinny skinny in onyx, and vans ashed cotton sneakers in true black.

P.S. Thanks bleubird for the inspiration for the feet up in the air pic. Haha. She’s amazing at photographing herself and family wearing different outfits. I however am 100% new to it. :)


It’s only April and this little project is proving to be quite challenging! For one…my kids are just sorta done with taking so many pictures. Two…I keep forgetting till like the end of the week – then I feel I need to just “getting something really quick”. I’d like to take more photos during the week and have more to choose from, because honestly I haven’t LOVED the last few weeks images. That being said, I’m still really happy with them as a collection, and I can’t wait to make a big book at the end of the year.

Also, I swear I will soon post other things besides this project and my albums. We had ANOTHER death in the family, and I just got over the flu (again). It’s been a craazzzy month.

I’ve got some fun posts planned – including a post about my new partnership with Madewell! Woot!


  1. Finn climbing the front yard crepe myrtles.
  2. Ansley, porch swinging with her guy.
  3. Wyatt just being Wyatt with his big ole brown eyes.


Week 11 is completely dedicated to our recent camping trip.



Added a Design G insert just to hold more pics.


Love this last page.


Products: We R Memory Keepers 3-Ring Album, Design A, tracing paper, Tiny Attacher, date stamp, Micron Pen 05, thin sharpie, Paper Source cover paper in slate, Design E, and Design G.

Project life is a cool and simple form of scrapbooking created by Becky Higgins. To learn more click here. I create one spread per week to document our life. Here’s all my pages from 2012, 2013, and 2014.

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