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THE BOYS’ ROOM : COMPLETE! (pretty much)

This is probably the largest, most photo-heavy post I’ve ever done here! Eeek! If ya aren’t interested then just skip right over this one.

With this room, it all started with a plan to save floor space…which led to our DIY loft beds. Then, after searching high and low and not finding any bedding I liked I decided to make a quilt, which I wrote about here and the finished pieces here. I even wrote out the tutorial for those quilts here. Then some other random updates are here. Ok, sorry for that. I just want to make sure new readers are filled in. :)

Anyway, the room is complete (with one exception…the futon/rag rug, which I’ll go into later). We kept the door shut and locked for nearly 4 months you guys!!! And can you believe they never saw anything!?! We revealed the room on Christmas morning. Cutest thing ever. I’ll put a full list with links to products and paint colors at the end of this post.

On to the pics! Here’s looking down the hall into the room.

This is the widest angle shot I can get. The plan for this space was to keep all the permanent things fairly neutral (beds, wall color, rugs, and other furniture). Then, add pops of color everywhere else. This way if I get bored of this room (I give myself 2 years max….haha), I can easily change out stuff to make it fresh again. The ladder was iffy. I decided they could be a pop of color, and if I changed my mind I could easily take those down and outside to repaint without too much trouble.

About some of the details. The buckets! I knew the boys would want to take stuff up to their beds, but I was worried about them falling down trying. Enter the buckets for hauling!! I got those at the hardware store (they’re paint pails) and the rope too…which is “clothesline” rope.  We put a screw on the underside of the bed so we could hang them out of the way. David’s great idea!

Finn in action using his hauling pail! Pretty cute stuff.

I wanted to have their names or initials someplace and decided on these cute pillows from Land of Nod. Then, of course, the ampersand pillow! Really fits for a shared room, I think. The cedar bench is very old, given to us by David’s parents. It’s great for storage and hold lots of extra toys.

David built the desk! I don’t have a tutorial for this one, but it’s done out of thick plywood and a trim around the edge. The end piece holding the desk up is a little bookshelf, which he also made. On top of the desk is a thrifted lantern and #5, and awesome grey desk lamps given to us by my parents specifically for this room. We drilled holes in the desktop for the lamp cords to go through.

The art display was created using screws and yarn! Really nice to hang art without having to pin. Also, dirt cheap.

Soup cans for containers, and I fell in love with these chairs at an antique store. $45 for both!

FYI, while I was taking all the photos for this post…this is what was going on behind the scenes. Boys.

The dresser was stained wood before this. I sorta consider this shade of army green to be a neutral. It really goes with everything. There is a bucket full of matchbox cars and a framed print from Society 6. No way around that glare, sorry! And one of my FAV things in the room is this robot guy holding up the books. I created that using an invisible floating shelf. So, he’s just resting under there not really bearing weight.

So glad I added the plant to the room! Love how it goes with the ladders.

If you have kids I know you get this. They have TONS and TONS of little toys with little parts that need to stay together. I’m pretty sure I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I ran with it. It’s just a clear shoe organizer on the back of their closet door.

On the back of the other door we put a basketball goal and magnetic dart board. Fun fun FUN!

Huge piece of my driftwood back there.

I got the lockers on Craigslist. Originally, they were green and a set of 4, which was just too big and unnecessary for the room. So, I had David take two sets off (I DO NOT recommend this! Nearly impossible endeavor). I spray painted the lockers white inside and out. I LOVE this set up though. Works great for hanging up coats and backpacks. Also, especially wonderful for light sabers and swords! They each have their own so they know where their stuff goes. Soccer gear at the top always ready for game day!

Vintage globe from an antique store and a great bat print from Society 6. My boys LOVE bats! At first, they wanted an entire bat themed room. Uh, this is what they got. Haha! You know kids, they change what their in to at the drop of a hat. No way I was going to do any “themed” room.

Love the way these beds turned out!

Handmade monster from a local artist.

David also whipped up a little ledges for books. We also added tap lights to the handrail so they can read and see at night.

Under the beds are string lights! This just makes the whole room magical at night.

I love the profiles of the dinos in the window. I used simple white sheer curtains, and also installed black out pull down shades. Wyatt is the rock, paper, scissors MASTER (he thinks). Had to get this educational style print from Etsy just for him. This hangs beside the other window, behind the closet door.

This cool old chair I got nearly 10 years ago at an antique store! Goes great with the blue fabric in the quilts.

Finn is my block child. He could play with blocks for hours. All we did new here was add caster wheels onto the box to scoot them around easier.

In an effort to remind my boys to be kind to each other I got this print! Love the message and design. This little basket is made from recycled newspapers and holds their marble track.

David also built these bins, but about 9 years ago when Ansley was a baby! The bottom one used to be a pale green, and I painted it white.

Sweet little monster I knitted.

One of their favorite things to do in this room is send things to each other via the fan! Who knew fan blades could deliver toys?!?! We’re thinking about making a pulley system with another little bucket going cross from one bed to the other.

This is the area that still needs some work! We got the futon so we could sit with the boys and read without having to climb up to their beds. We also needed more sleeping space for sleepovers. Futons are cheap, and it fit the criteria. I wanted to have a unique, durable, and stain-hiding cover for it though. The plan was/is to sew one out of two rag rugs. I just haven’t gotten to that yet! Also, I want to do something different instead of those frames with wires. Any ideas for this little corner? I’m not sold on those other floating shelves either. Let me know what you think?!?

So, there it is friends! My husband and I had a lot of fun putting this space together and the boys really love it.

Have a happy, wonderful Thursday!


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    Ronnie xoReplyCancel

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    Okay, back to work now… :)
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